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      A natural Solution to…. Oral Hygiene

      For years we have been taught to regularly brush our teeth and to gargle with chemical mouthwashes for better oral hygiene. The truth is, these techniques only do a partial cleaning of your mouth and do very little to control plaque and dirt build-up, or to remove the residue in your mouth which quickly turns your breath sour and increases mouth debris. Toothbrushing alone cleans only 10% of your entire mouth, leaving 90% of this moist, dark area virtually untouched. It is like washing your house windows and expecting the rest of the house to be clean.

      The solution … Is simple:

      Orappeal oral cleanser and the orappeal blotting system.


      THE BRUSH:

      This brush, although it looks like other tooth brushes, is a scientifically-designed Periodontal Health Brush (PH), which permits, through capillary actions, the absorption of mouth dirt up into the brush for easy removal. Other brushes with the nylon or natural bristles do not permit this essential absorption characteristic, but simply loosen the dirt and move it around inside the mouth.



      Regular tooth brushing polishes the teeth, but may also add to the forcing of toothpaste, food particles, and regular mouth dirt down deeper between the teeth and the gums adding to the concerning problem of plaque and dirt build –up and its accompanying mouth odor.

      By using the special PH Brush, and gently “blotting” (with easy up and down motions) these same areas, the particles are absorbed up into the brush to discard them from these very crucial crevices.

      Additional light scrubbing of the gums, roof and floor of the mouth, cheeks, and tongue helps to further eliminate regular plaque build-up or mouth dirt which causes mouth odors and potential problems. The results will amaze you and your dentist when you clean the entire, 100% surface area of your mouth on a daily basis.



      When used daily, as recommended, this totally natural product, without chemicals, aids in leaving your mouth and your breath with that refreshing, “just cleaned” feeling for months after leaving the dentist’s office. Orappeal leaves no added residue in your mouth.

      A few drops on the PH Brush and a quick, second scrubbing, or a few simple drops on the tongue help leave your mouth clean, your breath fresher, and you totally confident that you mouth, teeth, and gums are really clean of debris.

      Blotting can be done any time, anywhere, and as often as you wish. You will be astonished at how fresh, stimulated, and clean your mouth is after each blotting, scrubbing, and cleaning procedure.

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